Photos: Taste of Duveneck

Photos: Taste of Duveneck

Usually you hear people talk about the importance of hand-eye coordination when it comes to excelling at sports. Well, in order to successfully get through the Cincinnati Art Museum's annual Taste of Duveneck event, that requires some serious hand-mouth coordination.

Upon entrance you are handed a plate and a wine glass. From there it is up to you to deem what is worthy for tasting and sipping amid the myriad of options — Tano Bistro, Dewey's, Dilly Deli, Heidelberg Beer & Wine, Django Western Taco, and more. 

The points of shmoozing and boozing include the Main Lobby, Haile Gallery, Great Hall, Fountain Room, and Courtyard. It's outside where everyone eventually gathers to cut loose in front of Soul Pocket, truly one of my favorite bands in town. They have the energy of Tina Turner on the "Proud Mary" track, which (as we all know) is un-freaking-real. 

What seems to make this event particularly special is that there isn't a big dog and pony social media show beforehand. Folks get their invitation in the mail, RSVP, and show up. It's old school. And I like it. 

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