Ohio Concours: Celebrating the Art of the Automobile

Ohio Concours: Celebrating the Art of the Automobile

For the 37th annual Concours d'Elegance at Ault Park — more widely known as the "Car Show" — the featured theme was pretty dang on point.

Art of the Automobile: Great American Design:
50 Years of the Mustang, Microcars, & 100th Anniversary of the Maserati

Of course I say "on point" as I if know something, anything really, about cars. I'm not even going to attempt to fool you. No pulling the sheepskin over the eyes here. I know zilch, zero, nada. My interest in cars is getting to and fro' places. And ironically enough when attending the Concours, your own car will only get you so far. I had to leave my Mazda outside the park and walk about a mile to enter the event. The jaunt on Observatory, despite the threat of storms, was a welcome one. 

A collage of hood ornaments

Once inside the gates, I soon found that I was not the only one with the camera. Usually people and parties are the subjects that attract the most attention from the lens. Not on Sunday. The sheen and shimmer of a 1930 Cadillac caught more snaps. Or how about those BMW Isettas? Like the original smart cars. 

While I might look under the hood and naturally assume I'm looking at an engine, who knows really? Either way, I can appreciate the beauty of these beasts. Now I'm just gonna throw it out there and say they don't make cars like they used to. Right? Can I get an amen? 

Want to revisit past years at the Concours? Here ya go!

   • 2011 
   • 2013

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