Hooked on Opera (+ Summer Opera Guide)

Hooked on Opera (+ Summer Opera Guide)

You know sometimes when you're in the movies, and ya turn around in your seat during the film...

You're not really sure what compelled you to look, but now that you're sneekng a peek at the audience, you kinda can't peel your eyes away.

Everyone's eyes are trained forward, focusing on the same exact thing. Every face is reflecting the same light. Each individual is responding to the exact same set of stimuli — flinching, ooh-ing, and aah-ing as one.

The choreopgraphry and oneness of it all is equal parts comical and stirring. Kinda like a sea anemone. (Am I the only one who thinks those things are kinda silly / inspriational? ... Sigh. Moving on.)

Opera in the Park is like that. Except, like, way, way more profound.

The event, which took place Sunday evening in Washington Park, kicked Cincinnati Opera's summer off with an appropriate amount of both pomp and profundity. I'm not sure the last time I saw expressions this close to utter rapture. (... Maybe during Troy. But then again, I was with a bunch of rabid Brad Pitt fans.)

Given the world-class music — brought to us by some of the most talented, passionate, and disciplined professional vocalists working today, not to mention the estimable artistry of CSO — and the setting (picture the bandstand and lawn, bathed in the perfect slant of golden afternoon light and dusted with a few pastel-y hints of twilight. Magical!), it's a small wonder the crowd coalesced into one of the most purely contented, awed audience anemones I've ever seen.

And even if you're not an opera buff (Ahem... #SelfCallOut.) Opera in the Park offered way, way, waaay more than enough to fill your entertainment cup. Just spread that blanket out on the lawn, grab a drink, and lean back. Next thing ya know, you'll be as absorbed, consumed, and uplifted as if Brad Pitt himself was onstage. (...Which, come to think of it, isn't the worst idea out there. Les Mis Pt 2 anybody?)

Opera in the Park:
Cincinnati Opera's Nathan Stark sings "Stars" from Les Miserables

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