French Crust Cafe
Buttermilk pancakes served with fresh cut strawberries

French Crust Cafe

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, duh. Usually I reserve this tradition for the kitchen table at home, but I ventured out one rainy morning and tried Jean Robert's relatively new French Crust Cafe. It's located at 915 Vine St.

The restaurant is small and not surrounded by much else but that makes for pretty easy street parking and an even better surprise when you walk in the door. In a city that celebrates it's German heritage every time a new beer is cracked open, it's nice to experience other places west of the Rhine.

Jean Robert de Cavel recently celebrated 20 years in Cincinnati and in that span he's done a lot to shape our palates. While French cooking can be weighed down by heavy sauces and hearty food prep, breakfast and lunch by the Seine is a pretty light affair.

Vegetable omelette with goat cheese and a light mixed green salad

I enjoyed the vegetable omelette on a fresh croissant, licking my fingers of each flaky crumb until there were none. On the other side of the table I eyed succulent red strawberries served atop fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Yum.   

While JR was and I'm sure continues to be instrumental in the running of French Crust, it's the talents of pastry chef Jean Philippe Solnom who seemingly handles the day-to-day operations. A trip to France might not be in the cards this year but a trip to the magical world of French cooking is just a drive away. And now that we're in the thick of things with this winter weather, I can't imagine a better place with which to hole myself during the brutal morning hours. 

For more information about the restaurant, visit the website:

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