Dinner at the Dilly Deli
Gnocchi with house made sausage and Vodka sauce

Dinner at the Dilly Deli

The Dilly Deli in Mariemont is unique. It's both a wine shop and a restaurant, but really it's whatever you want to make of it. And that's a nice thing to have. Many times trips to restaurants create a vibe before you walk in the door -- either it's a high end steak house donning your mink coat or laid back taco bar sporting jeans and a tee. I wouldn't say the Dilly fits either extreme. Rather, it wavers somewhere in the middle

Seared ahi tuna with haricot verts

My only experience was on a Friday evening a couple of months ago. It was a busy night and our table wasn't ready even with the reservation. Thankfully, we kept ourselves entertained coloring inside the castle lines. By the time we were seated, the waitress was on top of things and ordered their signature beer cheese for the table, on the house. Well played. 

A serious hunk of romaine for that Caesar salad

In a fairly timely manner, the rest of our order arrived... Caesar and house salads, mac and cheese, gnocchi, chicken marsala, and the seared tuna. The tuna was my entree, and while the sesame crusted seasoning was good, the geometrical potato pancakey thing that accompanied it was a bit salty. 

The other dishes I enjoyed via the window shopping method and damn they tasted good. I don't know that the Dilly Deli is a place I'd crave because of their food, but I would and do crave their company and ambiance. But, who knows, the menu is pretty extensive and there are plenty more items I'd wish to try. 

pancetta mac and cheese

I think the best analogy for the Dilly Deli is this. It's like being invited over to your best friend's house for dinner. Unless you have a previous commitment, there is no way you will pass up the opportunity to hang out with your BFF, and if good food is on the docket, too, then all the better. 

The Dilly Deli Cafe is located at 6818 Wooster Pike in the Mariemont Square. 

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