Mad Hatter Tea Party

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Food as art and art as food is the running motif each February/March at the Carnegie. Just as its counterpart the Art of Hair is a show stopping and crowd pleasing exhibition, the Art of Food knows just how many cooks there should be in the kitchen. By my count it was around 16-20. After last year's packed-like-sardines experience, I knew arriving at the top of the six o'clock hour would be imperative. So eager to get inside the gallery I almost missed the free Warsteiner beers they were handing out upon entrance. Thankfully a few backsteps and that miscalculation was corrected. 

After dropping my coat at the coat check, it was off to the sampling races. The tricky part is holding a beer and tasting food that requires a fork all while simulataneously capturing photos to tantalize your taste buds. Some of my favorite bites included the soppressata salad from La Poste, bison short ribs from Fresh Table, and, visually speaking, the taste-of-the-rainbow cubist cake from Otto's

Of course the biggest treat came in the form of a Mad Hatter Tea Party that took place in the center of the main gallery and was the brainchild of creative genius Pam Kravetz. Jake Speed was on the guitar while "models" circulated the Alice in Wonderland inspired table. I'm not entirely sure what kind of tea they landed on. It was definitely a mix of merry berry fusion with some chamomile cray cray ginger root. 

Beyond the food, the complementary ingredient is the art. The highlight - by far - had to be the steak knife installation designed by artist Eric Brass that, depending on one's persepctive, legitmately looked like a cow. Moo. 

Here is a video capturing the ridiculousness that was the Mad Hatter Tea Party:

The Art of Food (2014) from Golden Hour Moving Pictures on Vimeo.

The exhibit runs through March 16 at the Carnegie in Covington located at 1028 Scott Blvd. 

For more information about the exhibit, please visit the website:

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