Wurst Bar in the Square
Mule and a dog (Image credit: Wurst Bar Facebook page)

Wurst Bar in the Square

Take all of the jovial familiarity of the bar on Cheers and squeeze it into a (much) smaller room. Toss in a low-key but highly inventive menu centered around hot dogs & specialty sausages. Add some absolutely on point cocktails (Kentucky Mule for me, please) and a long list of craft and seasonal beers.

Oh, and throw in one of the most consistently personable, happy-to-be-doing-their-jobs wait staffs around. Seriously, even if the place is packed and youve gotta wait for a bit, the whole Wurst team — waitresses, bar keeps, managers, everybody — makes you feel right at home. (A drink while you wait certainly doesnt hurt, either.)

Now let everything simmer until youve reached that pitch-perfect level of lively. Not too bawdy but not even a teensy bit boring.

Kentucky mule with bourbon whiskey, ginger beer, rose's lime juice and ice

And there you have it, the Wurst Bar in the Square. Mt. Lookouts favorite little hole-in-the-wall, and my new home-away-from-home.

The food: Sausages, dogs, fries, a of couple salad options, and some super-strong appetizers. My personal blue ribbon goes to the chorizo tacos (its one of the Starters, but definitely big enough to be a main course).

Chorizo tacos

The portions are fairly robust, so if you dont want to leave feeling overly heavy, consider getting a couple of dishes to share and split.

The atmosphere: Occasional bursts of laugher mix with the bars upbeat but not in-your-face soundtrack. Couples out for one of those casual, low-stakes dates (the best kind, am I right?) share plates as waitresses shimmy past. And the place does get pretty full, so between the wait staffs routes and the various movement of the patrons, there is indeed a fair amount of shimmying going on. Which is the perfect segue to

The soundtrack: 90s rock. At least that was the soundtrack on this particular eve. Soundgarden. Temple of the Dog. Dont quote me on this one, but I think I heard some Natalie Imbruglia in there as well.The perfect sky is torn. You're a little late.Can I get an encore?

The crowd: Long story short, its the type of place you can roll with a bawdy group of homies one night and take your parents the next. Whether youre a young professional, a member of the C-Suite elite, a college kid, or a parent visiting your college kid, Wurst Bar welcomes you with open arms.

Now that you know the lay of the land, get on in there. And dont be surprised if everybody shouts, Norm! when you enter. (Actually, that would be amazing.)

For more information about the Wurst Bar in the Square, please visit the website: http://wurstbarinthesquare.com.

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