Quest for the Queen City
Beautiful look at the Queen City skyline via Instagram user @kohlj1

Quest for the Queen City

No cars. No cellphones. Hard to imagine a world where such freedom from distraction exists? Just ask your parents, I'm sure they'll be happy to recount the days of walking five miles in the snow, up a hill both ways. Thankfully the snow is behind us, but the walking is back in style. At least it will be on Saturday, April 26 for the first ever Quest for the Queen City — Adventure Race. 

The idea is the brainchild of Matt Feldhaus and John Klingler. They want to see folks get to know Cincinnati and her numerous neighborhoods. The combination of a serious triathlete (Feldhaus) and an intriguing idea from a Fuel Cincinnati brainstorming session that never got off the ground a few years back is how the two conceived this all day event.

Participants will team up in pairs of two starting at 10am, where they'll set off trying to solve brain teasing riddles and test their geographic skills. "Figuring out what the actual checkpoint is will depend on one's knowledge of Cincinanti history," said Klingler.


In Cleveland first his fate was brown
A second team he built downtown
Often losing, bungling shame
Their home is here and bears his name

Answer: Paul Brown Stadium

The racers will have to get to the various checkpoints by foot, bike, or Metro. Klingler and Feldhaus have connected all participants with a one day free buss pass and are, in fact, required to take at least one ride on the Metro, proving it with a photo. 

Currently, there are 18 teams signed up, which is a solid number for a first time event. Of course, they'd love to see 20 or more get in the game. Following the 5+ hour adventure throughout the Queen City, the teams will be rewarded with a free dinner at a location TBA. (It'll be revealed in the final riddle.)  


- Participants will join the race as teams of two.
- Each team will be provided the same list of riddles. Each riddle, once solved, will direct teams to a checkpoint that they have to visit before finishing the race.
- All of the checkpoints will be notable Cincinnati sights, landmarks, or small businesses interspersed throughout various neighborhoods of the city.
- Upon arriving at each checkpoint, teams will have a photo taken of themselves in front of it.
- The first team to get a photo at each checkpoint and arrive at the finishing location will be the WINNER! (Prize to be decided.)
- Once every team has finished, we’ll celebrate and talk about our journeys over dinner and drinks.


1. In order to make the race a more thrilling adventure, teams will have to rely on methods of transportation other than personal vehicles. Teams can travel by foot, bike, or metro bus, but NOT by cars—this includes taxis and rides from friends or strangers.
- Bikes are highly recommended for teams looking to compete. Those less concerned with winning who simply want to enjoy the day are welcome to walk and ride buses only.
- Bus routes will be provided at the start.

2. In order to create more interaction between participants and locals, cell phones will not be permitted.
- Teams will not be able to use the internet or friends’ help along the way.
- If a team is stuck and unsure where a riddle is directing them, they will ask passers-by for advice and information. This makes the race more interactive and gives teams a chance to socialize with the local residents of different neighborhoods.
- Teams will have to use an actual camera, as they won’t be allowed to use their smart phones.
- Maps will be provided.

Today is the last day to sign up in order to receive a complimentary t-shirt and free metro pass for the day. Registration is $40 per team.

If you're interested, head on over to Quest for the Queen City — Adventure Race website by clicking HERE

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