Aziz Ansari Rocks the House
Aziz Ansari, attending the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Plaza / Image credit: Brian To/

Aziz Ansari Rocks the House

Listen up, Cincy, 'cause I’m gettin' ready to lay down the law...


No photography.
No back-talk.
And learn some (**you kiss your mother with that mouth?**) manners…

I will now pose for a few photographs.
You may take your phones out now.

Insert super blurry "Who is that? ... Is that a picture of Usher?" photo HERE.

Aziz Ansari, allowing the crowd one big photo op.

Add in a few more obligatory curse words, and that was basically how Aziz Ansari opened his first (of two) Friday night shows at Horseshoe Casino. The hour and a half that followed was a strong and steady riff on relationships vs. singledom, dating etiquette in the age of technology, and the awesomeness that is brunch (with an encore dedicated to commercial farming and the general meat dilemma — to eat or not to eat, etc.).

Pretty heavy stuff! 

But, in the end, Aziz is the kind of guy your mom always wished you’d bring home for dinner: polite, disarmingly adorable, and smart as $h*t. At the young age of 31, he’s already toeing the line crossed by the comedy greats. The genius of the new material that Aziz is unleashing during this tour lies in his ability to call out our text-message-obsessed, noncommittal generation with a tone of disapproval to rival that of Ms. Emily Post. All while remaining firmly and hilariously inside the sphere of comedy.  

The show took place at The Pavilion at the Horseshoe Casino. To get there, one must traverse the bright lights and whirling slot machines of the casino floor, ascend the grand staircase, and enter… a ballroom? A ballroom that's been transformed, Bar Mitzvah style, into a "theatre" (complete with a curtained, faux black-box stage and row upon row of generic banquet chairs). As Moshe Kasher (Aziz’s inspired opening act) put it, “No offense, Cincinnati, but this is the most ghetto place I have ever performed.”

But isn’t that one of the beautiful things about stand-up comedy? You can do a set anywhere — an iconic New York theatre, a dive bar with peanuts on the floor, or sitting around a friend’s dining room table at 2:30 in the morning. All you need is an audience and some alcohol (check and check). The true experts allow their location, whatever that might be, to fuel the laughs. And Aziz and Moshe are definitely experts.

 What I learned from Aziz Ansari

I left the show with a newfound sense of the world around me. I vowed to text less and talk more, to take stock of my life, and make some real & profound changes. And to give a vegetarian lifestyle the serious consideration it deserves.

On that last one, you know I'm kidding, right?  

I actually left the show with a laughter-induced stomachache and a smile. I also had a strong hankering for some Eli’s BBQ (in response to Aziz’s repeated mentions of ribs) and a note written on the back of my hand that read, “Google Moshe Kasher.”

Wanna stalk Aziz Ansari across the country (like I now plan to)?
Stalk away!      

Need some more of Moshe Kasher, the hilarious "Jew who died at the beginning of the show?" (Inside joke. You had to be there)
Here ya go! 

Wanna get a peek at what/who else is comin' to the Horseshoe?
Peek away! 

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