Why Kids Love The Zoo

Why Kids Love The Zoo

I visited the Cincinnati Zoo back in December for the annual Festival of Lights, which was awesome — for five minutes. Then, my body froze, and it wasn't so much fun anymore. Much happier to make a return trip this April, I recalled the many reasons kids love the zoo. The animals. Duh.

At each stop along the way, I'd say (out loud, to myself) the penguins are my fave. Then, I'd see the gorillas, or the monkeys, or the giraffes, and each cuddly looking guy or girl - can't really tell - would seem more adorable than the last, naturally winning me over. Sure, nobody is saying the insect house is his/her fave. Unless, you are. That's cool. I won't judge. (Secretly judging.) But the rest of the numerous exhibits are just so cool, and it's a simple fact as to why.

It's the same reason why people love their pets; their is something inherently wonderful about engaging with a species different from our own. It's mystifying. It's awe-inspiring. It's the best. It's the real life teddy bear effect. Unlike humans, which are oftentimes the solution and the problem, animals are just the answer. They are certainly the answer to how to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. 

Speaking of humans and mystifying, the most mind boggling exhibit was featured just outside the ticket gate in the parking lot. It appeared the concept of parking one's vehicle inside the lines was a rule meant to be broken. Smh. 

For more information about the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, visit the website: http://cincinnatizoo.org/.

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