Cincinnati Refined

All the best that Cincinnati has to offer, from the finest dining to hottest nightspots.

Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink Photos: Cincy Beerfest 2014(Photo Gallery)

Get your BEER here! That's been the rallying cry all weekend long for Cincy Beerfest on Fountain Square. The two day event featured over 200 craft brews, live music, and the best of Cincinnati's food truck scene to keep your belly happy. Now, to the pics!

Eat & Drink Put a Fork in It: Creole Catfish at Ruth's Parkside Cafe(Photo Gallery)

“Put a Fork in It” dives into Cincinnat’s ever-expanding foodie scene and gives those standout dishes (you know, the ones that keep you coming back and ordering the same thing time after time) the love they so richly deserve. This month, we're headed to Ruth’s Parkside Café in Northside for the delectable Creole Catfish. Dig in!

Eat & Drink Restaurant Review: Pieology(Photo Gallery)

Pieology, the latest eatery to open up at U Square in Clifton, is satisfying hungry folks with their fast-casual, build-your-own pizza. We set out to test the experience and see how it measures up against its many Cincinnati competitors. Check out the review and find out if the pie rose to the challenge.

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment Friday Jam (9/19): "Waves"

FRIDAY JAM: Our weekly pick for the theme song of the day, selected because the track effectively captures the vibe of the weekend-to-come (… Or because it's taken our playlists by storm and we just can't help but share.) You can thank us later. For now, enjoy!

Arts & Entertainment Weekend Guide, Sept 18-21(Photo Gallery)

WEEKEND GUIDE: Our weekly, curated list of must-check-out activities, neatly packaged in a digestible sentence or less. ... Okay, three sentences or less. (Maybe four.) The World's Largest Chicken Dance, the Cincinnati Ballet, and a comic expo. See what the Queen City's got in store for the weekend!

Arts & Entertainment Triumph! IF Cincy Rocked(Photo Gallery)

Hats off to the folks at OTR Improv for not only hosting, but selling out all four shows of their inaugural Improv Festival. The two-day event took place at the Know Theatre and included popular names in the improv scene, like Susan Messing and Cincinnati native Kevin Crowley.

Design & Style

Design & Style Street Style - Humans of Cincinnati Edition: Rick Oyler(Photo Gallery)

Street Style — "Humans of Cincinnati" Edition: the series that takes to the Queen City streets, strikes up an impromptu conversation with a passerby, and highlights the vibrant color and depth of the people who call Cincinnati home. We could meet anyone from a politician to an artist to a bucket drummer. This week, we meet Rick. Say hello.

Design & Style Homes: Walkabout in Wallace Woods(Photo Gallery)

And then the most magical thing happened… We went walking in Wallace Woods. If your socks aren’t charmed off by this architecturally varied historic district, you’re probably wearing sandals. It’s one of the most downright neighborly ‘hoods we’ve ambled through in a while. Join us for a photo stroll, won’t you?


Travel Girls’ Weekend, Destination 1: Lexington, Ky(Photo Gallery)

Lexington, Kentucky (aka, “Horse Capital of the World”) has all of the prerequisites necessary for an unforgettable weekend vacation— especially one spent with your best buds. If you're searching for that perfect blend of rustic, relaxing, refined, and exciting, look no further. You might've just found your spot.

Travel Top 10 Reasons to Travel Solo(Photo Gallery)

Sure, lots of folks don’t feel comfortable traveling solo. It can, however, be an exhilarating, enlightening, and empowering experience. Here are 10 reasons to get out your atlas and start planning a one-person journey now.

Travel Palace of Gold a.k.a. "America's Taj Mahal"(Photo Gallery)

Along the winding roads off of I-70, an unusual surprise awaits. Located in the backcountry of West Virginia, a destination known as Palace of Gold (aka, "America's Taj Mahal") will transport you to a different world. It's an experience well worth the twisting, turning pilgrimage.

Travel A Trip to the Good ol' Days: Union, IL(Photo Gallery)

When most people think of an Illinois getaway, Chicago is the first (and sometimes only) destination that comes to mind. If, however, you're in the mood for a little less "hustle bustle" and a little more "heartland," head for the charming hamlet of Union. It's a straight shot to a simpler time, so hop aboard and enjoy the "good ol' days."