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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink On the Menu: 4 Reasons to Grill in September(Photo Gallery)

On the Menu: our monthly exploration of the top four of-the-moment things that you’ve just gotta sink your teeth into. For September, we wanted to give the grill one last good summertime stoke before transitioning into more autumnal fire. Check out our top four reasons to get your grilling in now.

Eat & Drink Cincinnati Restaurants You (Probably) Mispronounce(Video)

Admit it. … You fake it. And whether you get by on your “I own this” bravado or somehow skate under the radar, you know it. And at the end of the day, you’ve got to be honest with yourself. You don’t really know how to pronounce that restaurant’s name. Fear no more, fellow Cincinnatians. We've got your back.

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment Friday Jam (8/22): "Bang Bang" Friday Jam (8/22): "Bang Bang"

Our weekly musical selection that either captures the vibe heading into the weekend or is a song we simply can't stop looping on our playlist. This week's pick goes to "Bang Bang" by Jessie J (feat. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

Arts & Entertainment Hilltop Stories: Community through Film(Photo Gallery)

“If you see a person three times on the street, it’s your job to stop and learn their name.” The Hilltop Stories film project focuses its lens on transforming areas into places of connection and community. Check out how the initiative is taking root in Walnut Hills.

Arts & Entertainment Match Point: Your Tennis Bucket List(Photo Gallery)

In just over 24 hours, it'll all be over. And no, it wasn't a dream. But you will still wake up from the experience wishing you could go back to center court or hang by the bar with your newfound friends. So, to savor those last bits of yellow fuzz that you can, here's our bucket list of items you need to complete before the 2014 Western & Southern Open is in the books.

Design & Style

Design & Style Bold Fusion Instagram Roundup Bold Fusion Instagram Roundup(Photo Gallery)

Bold Fusion, the largest convergence of young professionals in the area, held its 10th annual conference on Thursday, Aug. 21 at the Horseshoe Casino. Andrew Yang, CEO of Venture for America and author of "Smart People Should Build Things" gave the keynote address.

Design & Style Marco... Polo (i.e. The 2014 Galloping Pig)(Photo Gallery)

Polo. Live music. Eats and drinks. Divot stomping! The second annual Galloping Pig folded the best of all worlds — philanthropy, sports, and entertainment — into a worthwhile and highly enjoyable afternoon. Hosted by the BowTie Foundation (a local community fund that works to support underpriveleged youth), the event was classic Cincy fun. (Plus, there was time to pet the horses!)

Design & Style Photos: Game, Set ... Superlatives!(Photo Gallery)

Action, competition, entertainment. It's been a phenomenal week. The courts, however, haven't been the only proving grounds. The social experience is a tournament in and of itself. Check out our collection of folks and moments that rose to the top. Ladies and gents, we present the Superlatives of the Western & Southern Open, 2014.

Design & Style An Affair at the Open(Photo Gallery)

For the third straight year, UC Health sponsored an "Affair at the Open." The sold out event began at the Horseshoe Casino before guests were transported to the tennis center in Mason for the Saturday evening session of the semifinals.

Design & Style Best Dressed (W&S Open Edition)(Photo Gallery)

It's tennis season, which means, of course, that there's plenty of champagne for sipping, a respectable selection of edibles for noshing, and a wealth of stylish individuals for people- / style-watching. Here are our favorite shots of folks adding their own personal flare to the mix.

Design & Style Video Interview: 4 Minutes with Andrew Krasny(Photo Gallery)(Video)

You probably don't know him by name, but we're sure you've heard his voice. Andrew Krasny is the voice of the Western & Southern Open (among a few other tourneys on the WTA & ATP tours), and he was kind enough to chat with us for a quick video interview to learn more about his favorite words, greatest pet peeves, and what keeps him coming back for more.


Travel A Day in Columbia Tusculum(Photo Gallery)

Columbia Tusculum. Sweet eats, Painted Ladies, and relaxing strolls. Check out all the spots&sites as we tour through this colorful neighborhood. (Oh, and come prepared to fall in love.)

Travel Off Court, The Action In Mason(Photo Gallery)

The Western & Southern Open is a magnet. For tennis enthusiasts — those visiting from outside Greater Cincinnati and hometown fans alike — the event is an oppotunity to truly savor the best of summer. Dive into all the area has to offer with our guide to the hotspots of Mason, OH. (And a few must-do destinations in Cincinnati proper as well).